Jan. 21st, 2017

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"Respect my existence, or expect my resistance."
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What do you do when the things you believed in, like honesty, compassion and understanding, become passé?
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To those of you in protests today, be careful out there. We have many more coming we'll need you to be at.
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"There are marches happening today on literally every continent to protest Trump. Every one. Even Antarctica. Still think we're just crying just because our side lost?"
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Saddest thing I saw all day involving the marches today was a woman arguing that they were completely unnecessary because "We haven't lost any rights."

You fight to use the rights you already have.
Then you fight to make sure their attempts to take your rights fail.
And if things go badly, you fight to get your rights back.

The marches aren't to get back rights we haven't lost yet. The marches are to make sure those who want to take those rights know you're not going to back down.

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