Jan. 22nd, 2017

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After seeing yesterday's Speech from On High that passes for White House Press Briefings these days, I highly suggest you start getting your news from as many other news sources as possible.

Not because CNN, CBS News, MSNBC or the others aren't legitimate (Well, I know of one that isn't), but because they're based INSIDE the US.

BBC is your usual goto for these things, but there's also Al-Jazeera. Both are pretty excellent for a non-American viewpoint. The smaller news media of smaller different countries will also give you alternative viewpoints (and sometimes a little education of the world outside of the US as well).

They are all biased (yes, even the American ones were under more agreeable governments), the idea is to hear as many sides of the news and events, and decide your own truth from that.

Don't take anything at face value. A sphere is just a circle if you look at it from one point of view.
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Depending on how the internet stream is going today, there MIGHT be a Zelda stream at the top of the hour. Depends on the bandwidth.

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I figured out the streaming issues. Kinda. So, when the roomies aren't here, I can stream games at 672kbps. This is the best quality I can do. When they're here, I'd drop it to 336kbps, which looks terrible, and why I'd only stream while they weren't here.

Tonight, during the stream, my roomies began streaming movies and connection began to suffer. So I dropped it back down to 336, but then slowly upped the number until frames began dropping. Turns out the magic number is 475kbps. This allows them to watch movies, and me to stream. Not the best quality, but for the 2D Zeldas, plenty enough, according the viewers watching.

So, I can schedule honest to goodness streams again! Once we get to the 3D games, though, that's where things might get a little wonky. But that's a ways off (A Link Between Worlds or even Majora's Mask).

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