Jan. 30th, 2017

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I may have come back to the creative endeavors too soon. The next Trump edict is likely aimed straight at people like me.

Week two is gonna be ugly.
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Woke up this morning, immediately grabbed my phone: "What rights did we lose today?"

Gonna be a long four years.
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"I thought he said all these things to get elected! I didn't think he'd DO them!"
"Think about that first sentence real hard."
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I am through attempting to engage people who celebrate their lack of compassion.
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We miss you Henry B. We could use politicians like you again.

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TV was running in the background when I saw a gameshow that had a dark-skinned contestant with a very thick braid down one side of her face.

AWFW's Han'a popped up in the back of my head and was all "We're still alive 14 thousand years later!"
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Picross 3D: The Legend of Zelda Edition
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