Mar. 15th, 2017

dolari: (Rose Quartz)
We laid her to rest today. She's interred at the cemetery of the ancestral homeland, Losoya, Texas. It was a beautiful mass, and interment. The reception afterwards was just a backyard filled with love and affection.

Ever since Thursday, I've been swept into the rapid current of my sister's death. The news on Thursday, the Friday flight, the Saturday meltdown, the Sunday eulogy, Monday's rosary and Tuesday's funeral.

On a more personal note. If there was anyone left in the family who didn't know I was trans - they know now. That's kind of a load off my mind. The reception really brought home the bad decision I made when I "disappeared" for fifteen years in the late-90s so I could transition. The reception also really brought home that they are happy to have me back in the fold.

Wednesday is the first day I've had to be able to sit down and think and process and cope. I cope by driving. I foresee driving tomorrow. And sleep. Some good long restful sleep.

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