May. 21st, 2017

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I smiled today. I smile all the time, sure, but today was a kind of a thing.

The last few days, I've been raveling up to Austin to meet friends. The first time up, I saw very little. While I had a good time with Erin and family, I went back to San Antonio feeling I hadn't really seen too much.

The second time, I went to see Samantha and Michael. I left super early, though, so I could drive around town and see the sights. I was actually feeling pretty poorly touring the town. Austin is home.

It's been home since I first lived there in 1996, and I've been struggling to get back since. I've had to leave it too often because I'd failed to thrive there. Seeing all the old haunts, and sights, I felt like Austin was such a missed opportunity. It was bittersweet. I missed these places that I enjoyed so much the years I tried to live there. And I was sad because of how I've had to leave that town.

Today, I found out that T&S was still open under a new name. I went, had some good dim sum (and destroyed my blood sugar doing it), and one of the dim sum servers recognized me. That made me happy. Leaving, I went through town, for one more, possibly last, run through the most important places in town. And this time, it was a fun time. I was happy to see these places, knowing they're still around.

I took a drive out to Fredericksburg, deep into the Hill Country, visiting the hills and the country, and the world I've missed for far too long. And I found myself genuinely smiling. Probably for the first time since September, and definately since my sister died.

I smile a lot, you say. Some of you remark on my smile. I do smile a lot. Mainly because I'm happy. But occasionally because I need to "project happiness" when I'm not. Sometimes it's to not freak you out. Sometimes it's to keep people from freaking me out.

I'm out of places to visit. Only a few more friends to call upon. I'll be heading back to Seattle in a week or two.

But today I was happy. I've seen so much of home, so much of Austin, so much of the Hill Country and so many of my friends that I was genuinely happy. That doesn't happen often. I'm glad it did.
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Ten minutes into Twin Peaks and they've already paid off their drone camera.
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Is it wierd to say that the new Twin Peaks feels more like the abandonned Clear Lakes 44 Webseries than Twin Peaks?
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That thing in the box was VERY Marble Hornets Operator. :) #twinpeaksondelay
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This new series sure loves its vore. #twinpeaks
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I...think...I'm understanding the show? Maybe? It's David Lynch so whirlwind confusion comes with the show but...maybe? #twinpeaks
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Very glad to see The Log Lady, knowing she's no longer with us. #twinpeaks
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::suddenly sees the Red Curtains::
::actual crack of thunder outside::

"David Lynch is a genius."
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Phillip Jefferies reference. Now that's an obscure one. #twinpeaks
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Oh, hey, Laura's home in Everett. I've been there. And there's the Roadhouse in Fall City! #twinpeaks
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Wow, that was a wierd wierd show. And, I hate to say it, if you know nothing about Twin Peaks before this, you're going to be lost when it comes to the older characters.

The new storylines are definitely intriguing, but only barely linking to the old stories. I'm sure they'll link up a little tighter as the show goes on.

My only complaint is that it feels much like a string of youtube Slender-verse series all strung into one episode, because it IS too losely connected to each other. The vore is a little much, but it's not on screen a lot.

Also, Bad Cooper is just too adorkable to be Bad Cooper. Sure he kills a lot of people...but he's adorkable at it.

That said - I'm hooked. I'm really really REALLY looking forward to more. :)

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