Jun. 5th, 2017

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Monday is my last day in San Antonio. It's been a very restorative, needed, and productive month....

If I have the time, I should probably do something Texan-y tomorrow....
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I fucked up. I fucked up bad.

Spent the whole day making and setting up a really great trip up to Seattle...and because of a colossally stupid mistake (Line 1 of my trip planner got deleted, making me thing we left on Jun 6, when we're supposed to leave in, oh, about four hours from now), I have to scramble to find a new way to get to Seattle by the 11th (we have a hard appointment that day).

I wouldn't be so heated up about it if it hadn't taken the whole day for me to actually PLAN out that route, which is now being recycled into a trip BACK to Texas for my parents. So it's not COMPLETELY lost. But not completely fun, either.

Quick plan is to just drive one of the routes I've already driven, but without them. I'll already know the route, and what to see on it, and it'll be their first time.
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New route planned out, now only 6 days instead of seven. Managed to salvage three of the original seven day trip, meaning, I only have to plan out three days.

Crisis averted...but wow, what a stupid mistake on my part.
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Lucy's set up the football again. Do I kick it? Or do I walk away?
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Geniveve story: Listen, I know you've been busy working through a lot of stuff, but, hey. You're working on a wrong premise. The VIRUS is the main character.

Jenn: O_O
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I've decided not to kick the football.

When I put in for the last lead position and didn't get it, I came to a realization that I'd lost sight of what was my true passion: storytelling. I'd spent so much time trying to get a permanent position, I put everything else on the backburner, and suddenly it's seven years later, and the comics and writing had suffered for it, and was no closer to that permanent position than I had been in five years.

I'm in a position to have two jobs I enjoy...one that takes up the slack when the other drops hours. It's time to focus on my efforts there, and get back to the writing.
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Thank you, friends and family of Texas. You've restored my happiness after a very very very dark time.

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