Jun. 17th, 2017

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Thinking of possibly doing some Zelda and/or art streaming sometime this week. :)
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I sometimes wonder if the Ultra SF2 players online wonder what to make of me, since I play by the arcade rules I had in the 90s, such as If I dizzy you, I walk away.

One I had to stop was the rule where "If I completely trounce you, I'll give you the second round and show you how to play." I did that a few times, before I realized, there was no way for me to help in that second round....
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Also love playing against Ken and Ryu players who all they do is DP/FB all day long and don't know how to play when the pattern doesn't work on me.

I've been playing against your type for years, folks. Learn a new pattern.

(That said, thirty years on and I still have the fear of Guile in me)
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Hubris. Noun. Definition: Spending the day kicking ass and taking names in Ultra Street Fighter II...then deciding to stream it and promptly getting mauled for an hour straight in front of an audience.

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