Jul. 10th, 2017

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So I just re upped with my benefits package. I purposely chose the one with no hospital coverage because I'm going to take the chance that I won't need hospital care until I can sign up for what's left of the ACA. I want hospital care? My deductible is so high, I'd just be paying out of pocket anyways for emergency room visits and they get even MORE money for services I'd end up paying for myself.

American Healthcare System: Of Course We're Extorting You. Whadaya Gonna Do? Die?
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Times when you start thinking you may be cursed:

Cutting into a watermelon your roomies offered you two days ago, only to find it's fermented. Fine, you say, and toast some bread. You spread the butter on and find bug parts all over the bread.

I'm fully expecting at this point for me to turn on the tap water, and worms fly out.

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