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"I am a King's daughter,
and I grow old within
the prison of my person,
the shackles of my skin.
And I would run away
and beg from door to door
just to see your shadow
once, and never more."
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Oh! The final verdict on why my closet shelving collapsed? The one screw holding the shelf up? They missed anchoring the screw into a wall stuff by a TINY TINY fraction of an inch. But it was enough to miss it completely.
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Something for the geeks:

The Autobot I think I am at work: Elita One.
The Autobot I actually am: Kup
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Streaming and comics and what not are all on hold until I "rebuild" my closet. Good news is that it's moving along nicely.

There's also some important news coming, but again, on hold until I rebuild my closet.
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Confirmed: The Family Grocer no longer carries The American Free Press. After speaking with management about it, I've asked to let the owners know I've returned as a happy customer.
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Mortal Kombat isn't a bad movie, really. It's certainly not Citizen Kane, but it's not Biodome, either.
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DicJennAry: Ace Syndrome. The point where progress in becoming skilled at a video game is halted by much more skillful players keeping you from leveling up.
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Twenty years and I've never gotten the hang of my shirt buttons being on the other side.
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"But you told me to--"
"NEVER MIND WHAT I TOLD YOU. Just do what I tell you!"
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I want to watch more Iron Chef. BUT I WANT WHAT THEY'RE MAKING.
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You'd think after paying through the nose for health insurance, and then through the nose AGAIN for medications, you'd deliver it AND BILL it to (1) the SAME address and (2) TO A CORRECT ADDRESS FOR EITHER SHIPPING OR BILLING.

I HATE the American Healthcare System.
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While there has been zero progress on the Genevieve front, it's still being worked on in the back of my head.

One of the main problems is story-creating is a purely visual thing in my head. Translating that into words is much harder than just drawing what I see, and writing what is said.

And there's also missed opportunities - in my head, when one of the Genevieves has flashbacks to the original Genevieve, they see themselves as Genevieve. My head was even trying to wrap around how to handle the male Genevieves flashing back to the original female Genevieve without it coming across as goofy, silly, misunderstood or taken in a way that would ruin the verisimilitude of the story.

I spent a lot of energy on something that would likely never see a description in the book.

I think, if Genevieve ever got a movie adaption, that script would be WAY easier to write than the novel.

Hmmm...maybe I should just abandon the rough draft, write the thing as a screenplay, and then adapt from THAT into a book. Dances With Wolves started as a book idea, that was made into a script first, then adapted "back" into a Novel....
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Day One was clearing out trash, organzing what just needed to be out of the room, what was going into laundry, swapping out hardware.

Day Two was rethreading and reorganizing all the wires in the house, and a rough evening.

Day Three was finally getting the room organizied.

I'M DONE AND STILL HAVE A DAY LEFT. That will be laundry and cooking I'm thinking. If I have any more time, I may reorganize my wardrobe into "What Still Fits and What Doesn't." games.

Or maybe just video games.
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Season 5 of My Little Pony is DARK.
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"For the record, I am NOT stuck in the 90s. THIS IS ALL 80s."
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My main character flaw:

I have no problem reaching for the stars, but when I fail, or when I'm told it's not going to happen, or when I'm given data saying it won't happen for me, I stop trying.
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Thoughts Before Bed:

Some of the thoughts and behaviors I have because I'm trans must really seem wierd to someone who isn't trans. My femininity has an accent.
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So last night, I was woken up by a vibration in my bed. It wasn't very bad, just enough to shake the bed. I also heard a low rumble to go with it. It lasted maybe 15 or 20 seconds then stopped.

After waking up this morning, I checked USGS, but saw nothing that said there was any kind of tremor around 1:45. Dunno what it could be - rarely big trucks come up the road in our house - but it's a BIG hill, and they mostly avoid it.

Wonder what it was....
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