Jan. 26th, 2017

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Comics return in February.

Sorry, there was an event in November that killed my ability to create anything but a ruckus for about four months.
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Dreamt that Lissa, Crystal and Morgan had built a two bedroom house in a tree, but had abandoned it due it not being stable. I went up anyway to see it.

I'm hundreds of feet up and open the door to find the place dusty and abandoned, but still perfectly livable. Morgan's room has long abandoned toys, and Lissa and Crystal's room has moth eaten clothes in the closet. There are cobwebs everywhere, with black widow spiders at their center.

I decide I'm going to live there, since it's feels perfectly livable. Then a gust of wind hits and the tree sways, along with the house. It bends and creaks slightly but remains fine. I begin to see why they abandoned the house. Even if it was just slight swaying it was very disturbing.

I walk out onto the balcony/patio area, but just walking to the patio is enough to start the tree leaning on that direction. I try to scramble back in but the effort of moving causes the tree to sway more. Part of the house wall collapses around me, ava just as the tree begins to sway back, a gust of wind finally causes the tree to collapse, house and all.

I survive the fall only to have the three ask me what happened n. I told them I was considering moving into the house. They are concerned that I fell so far, but also upset - they were hoping to eventually get back up into the house to collect their things one day.

I love whatever drives my dreams....
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First you get the money,
Then you get the power,
Then you get...THE WAFFLES.
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You know life's gotten rough when you think going to work is an escape from political reality.

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