Mar. 18th, 2017

dolari: (Rose Quartz)
It's been a week since Marisa's death, and there have been a lot of friends and family who have been added to my social networking. The last week has been...rough. As such, you haven't seen much of what I tend to do here on regular days:

1) I'm transgender. You'll see a lot of information about the various bathroom bills around the country, and why they are terrible for people like me as well as the issue of transgender murders around the world. There are also non-hurtful memes and jokes and arguments you'll see about transgender people and topics here. I try not to "work blue" but it happens sometime.

1a) If you have any questions about me being transgender, please private message me. I'd rather you hear about transgender issues from ME, and not Jerry Springer.

2) My politics are pretty severely left wing. If you call me a commie pinko, I'm more likely to give you a thumbs up instead of take offense (I'm not actually a commie pinko, more of a European Socialist). I'm severely anti-Trump and can be harsh on political conservatism, especially hurtful conservatism. I do try to keep an open mind, though, but not so open that my brains fall out.

2a) If an argument forms on one of my threads, and I ask it to stop, please stop. I will delete posts, and even ban people who prefer to be jerks, instead of debate their positions.

3) I have a lot of hobbies, from art, anime, comics, shortwave radio, video gaming, bad movies, history, roadtripping and just all sorts of wierd stuff. You're welcome to join in the nerding! In fact, I encourage it!

4) Yes, I work for Nintendo. You likely won't hear too much about it here, though. :)

4a) My opinions are my own and not those of my employers.

5) I am not Christian, but am quite Christian friendly. Prayers, thoughts and rituals made in good faith are always gladly accepted. Debate, history, lessons, and discussion are always welcome. You may see religious stuff posted that is not Christian. Please do not put down, proselytize, evangelize or attempt to convert me or any of my friends. Remember, if it's not positive, I won't have it on my board.

6) If you have a problem with something I've posted, let's talk. :)

7) All articles that have been excluded shall be deemed included.

Welcome aboard!

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