Mar. 24th, 2017

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My last full day in Texas. Mom and I took off to Fredericksburg to take her to Cross Mountain. Which turned out to not be where we were REALLY supposed to go. She'd wanted to see a big Catholic Cross in Fredericksburg. It was the only one I knew of in Fredericksburg. Turned out she meant Kerrville.

It was 70 miles in the wrong direction, but a very scenic 70 miles. And I'm always up for a roadtrip. We ate at the Old German Bakery & Restaurant, one of the places that impressed Tess (although the Altdorf Biergarten, which impressed her more) was closed for renovation). From there we backtracked to Kerrville, where we finally found The Empty Cross monument she wanted to go to. She left a prayer rock there for Marisa.

After that, I went home, fell asleep (something that's been happening a lot lately, and not in a normal sleep way)...and had a bit of an adventure waiting for Dad at the airport.

I also shut down Marisa's social media accounts. That was hard.

Tomorrow is packing, and getting back to Seattle. I go back to work on Tuesday....
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Through security.
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Double seats on the fight again, apparently! Who was the fairy who edited my reservations for two seats? :)

(I know I'm a big girl, but I do fit in the seats just fine....)

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