Mar. 27th, 2017

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I may have dreamed the best 1970s action TV series of all time. Spider Man: Time Cop.

It's Spider-Man, but he's a New York cop on a beat that TRAVELS THROUGH TIME.
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There has been far far too much death in my friend and family circles this month.
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No streaming this week as (1) I'm still unpacking, (2) have a lot of work ahead of me at work, and (3) just need some time to settle in after a month of life interrupted.
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All unpacked and organized. Now for a shower, groceries, gas and then I have the rest of the night to myself.
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My sister died of a heart attack in her sleep. We know that for a fact. What we really don't know is why.

There are a lot of reasons she could have gone. She was (and I am) very overweight, and that puts stress on your heart. My sister was working on doing something about it with a stomach sleeve, and had lost 20 pounds towards that goal.

I'm not a doctor, but I really do believe the stress of that diet, and the previous stress from her weight probably together caused her death.

I've decided it will not cause mine.

In 2011 or so, I became diabetic and went into ketoacidosis. I lost 70 pounds in the worst possible way, and in the end, had dropped to 250 pounds. I hadn't weighed that little since middle school. Despite being the worst possible way to lose weight, I really liked how I felt and even began dressing up again.

Now, losing that through sickness, I gained about 30 of the pounds back, but kept 40 off for many years, through diet and excersize. In 2015, though, I got a staph infection in my knee, and it never fully recovered. Excercize was a lot less intense, and I gained twenty pounds back because of it.

Since November, my stress levels got very very very high, and haven't let up. This caused me to gain the last few of the pounds I'd lost in 2011, and put on a bit more.

Between Steph telling me I needed to take more pride in my appearance, and Marisa's death, I've decided to really get back on the horse and try to work on my diet and excersize and work on losing my own weight.

I won't be going under the knife like she did. It'll be more diet and excersize again. When I follow my diabetic diet, I can lose weight pretty quickly, and if I can excersize, it literally peels off. The plan is to keep strictly to a 1800 calorie diet (no more than 45g carb per meal), do an hour walk a day, and, if possible, do an hour of light workout at night (as much as my knee will allow). Once the weight loss plateaus, I'll drop the calorie count a bit since I likely won't be able to up the walking due to time, or the excersize due to the knee. It'll be a six day diet, with Day 7 being for whatever I want (the thing about diets is if you don't cheat, it gets super boring).

Wish me luck. I won't let me weight do me in like Marisa, and, well, if she can lose 20, so can I. And possibly more.

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