Apr. 7th, 2017

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Personal Theory: Breath of the Wild takes place at the tail end of Downfall timeline.

Spoilers ahead:

While there's mentions of Twilight Princess Link in the Child Era Timeline and Koroks from the Adult Era Timeline, it's the destruction of Hyrule, the "weakening" of Zelda, and the "devolution" of Ganon that makes me think it belongs at the end of the Downfall timeline.

All through the downfall timeline, Hyrule gets smaller and smaller and by Zelda 2 there are places on the fringes that are abandonned and falling apart. In the flashbacks, it doesn't look much different than now, and feels somewhat desolate.

Also in the Demise Timeline, there's an implication that each Zelda hasn't been as strong as the previous one, and having an almost completely powerless Zelda fits that theme as well, especially one that's not even trained to use her powers. Her divine blood is so weak at that point, she can't call on it herself.

The same with Ganon. There have been so many incarnations in the Downfall timeline that have gone wrong, that the Hyrule Historia says that he can only be ressurected as a beast in the later games. Here, he's almost non-corporeal. It makes sense that he's powerful, an out of control beast, and non-incarnating if he's devolved so far down this line.

Until we hear from the creators, I've very happy putting this game at the end of the Downfall timeline.

Personal theory. Your mileage may vary.

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