Apr. 8th, 2017

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"My pronouns are she and her. I didn't spend ten years in Girl School to be called 'Mister!'"
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With a few small, and one very large exception, everything is back to normal...

...now what?
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In the trailer for Breath of the Wild, there's a scene of a horde of Guardians laying siege to a town. Was that actually in the game anywhere? I don't remember seeing it in game.

At 2m 38s of the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zw47_q9wbBE
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Jenn's "The Legend of Zelda" Rankings, now with Breath of the Wild!

Breath of the Wild was very hard for me to place...its so different from other Legend of Zelda games, and yet still so completely a Legend of Zelda game that's it's hard to compare. Not so much apples and oranges, as apples and pears.

Twilight Princess is just a delight to play, my one major issue with it being the City in the Sky. And even thought it triggers my fear of falling something fierce, it's still fun. I've never felt the game boring or tedious, despite playing it four times.

BOTW is already below that. Towards the end of the game, it began feeling tedious.

But was it better or worse than Skyward Sword? I love Skyward Sword, being one of the seven people who were able to use its motion controls. My main issue with Skyward Sword was the hand holding, with Fi basically explaining the solutions to you before you even were shown a puzzle. But it was always engaging when it did it. BOTW began losing my interest around hour #90.

Was it better than Ocarina of Time. Ocarina is an amazing game, limited by the technology of it's time. Even it's 3D remakes, while beautiful, are limited. When I ask myself, was BOTW more fun than Ocarina, the answer is yes.

The Good Ones:

1 - Twilight Princess
2 - Skyward Sword
3 - Breath of the Wild
4 - Ocarina of Time
5 - Wind Waker
6 - Link to the Past
7 - Spirit Tracks
8 - Link's Awakening
9 - Adventure of Link
10 - Legend of Zelda
11 - Majora's Mask
12 - Oracle of Ages/Seasons
13 - Link Between Worlds
14 - Minish Cap

The Bad Ones:

15 - Four Swords Adventures
16 - Four Swords
17 - Phantom Hourglass
18 - Triforce Heroes

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