May. 26th, 2017

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Odd inspirations: This song created Morningstar in AWFW -
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"Captain, we are recieving two hundred eighty five thousand hails."
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After spending the whole day owning (and occasionally being owned) in USF2, ARMS completely destroyed me.

Also, my ARMS ache.
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One thing missing from Ultra SF2s online? A Friends Battle mode.

Cause I think Richard Duck and I would have a field day if we did.
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So so so tempted to get this for Ultra SF2. I actually have a SNES to USB adapter so I can use SNES controllers for playing fighting games on the PC.
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The reviews for Ultra Street Fighter II aren't all that bad. The main complaint appears to be the price. And I kinda agree. Super SF2 Turbo HD Remix was half the price, and most of the same gameplay.

But that gameplay is REALLY REALLY sweet. :)

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