May. 27th, 2017

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Despite me being a goddess with Chun Li, and playing competitively locally in the 90s, I'm not actually a master of all the characters (I'm REALLY good with the original 8, moderately good with the bosses, and not so good with "The New Challengers"). So I kind of have a character rule I use when I play SF2.

In Arcade Mode, I'll actually go "down the line" with the first character on the roster (Evil Ryu in this case) and play until I die. Then I move to the next character (Not-So-Evil-Ryu), and play them until I die. And on down the line. If I've finished the game with a character before, I'll skip them (sorry, Chun Li) until I go through all the non-finished characters, THEN choose the ones I've finished the game with.

When playing two player games, I'll always pick Chun Li for my first fight. And of she loses, I'll play her again. If she loses AGAIN, I'll random another character. If she WINs (and the game allows me to change characters), I immediately random a character.

This way I get practice with everyone. In this case, I burned through ten characters to get to the end (the last two points in your score is how many times you lose and continue)

If you're not randoming at some point, you're not playing the game right.
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Violent Ken.
Evil Ryu.
Irritated Dhalsim
Leotard is Giving Me A Wedgie Cammy.
Mildly Unhappy Dee Jay.
Too Much Caffiene Fei Long.
Forgot his lunch at home Balrog.
Got Mistaken for Japanese Again Chun Li.

This game is wierd.
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Dan Patrick demands discrimination and is railroading it into a Texas Legislature who is tired of it already.

(Note: I really believe this is a ploy to make the watered down version more palatable to the Legislature. But any bathroom bill is a wrong bathroom bill)
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I've been mostly quiet about my vacation. I've been to Austin multiple times, visiting friends, seen folks here in San Antonio. Done a trip or two into the Hill Country. I do feel, though, I've pretty much seen everything (if not everyone) I've wanted to.

The last few days have been with Steph, and her family. I got to sit and talk and share for hours with them, including Emma who I hadn't seen in forever. But the real joy for me this last week of all things?

Going to a a local gymnastics school to watch her daughter Elmyra doing flips and jumps.

I had a super SUPER love of tumbling when I was in fifth grade. Flips, jumps, cartwheels, all sorts of neat controlled falling. :) I absolutely super enjoyed doing that for six weeks in fifth grade.

I really wanted to get into it in Middle School...but sadly, it was a gendered class and only girls were allowed to take it. Another thing I missed out because of a chromosome.

But watching her doing all those flips and jumps and tumbles brought me right back to 1985. And I was a smiling fool the whole time.

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