Jul. 5th, 2017

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I know I said comics would restart in July. I never said exactly WHEN. Which is good, cause I'm having trouble finding the TIME to do said comics....

July 31st is July, right?
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VERY tentative streaming schedule for next week. SUPER tentative. So tentative, it's more for me to just try an stick to it, than actually stick to it.

SAT: Comicking
SUN: No streaming (writing)
MON: Comicking
TUE: No streaming (writing)
WED: Comicking
THU: Play all the Zeldas Quest II (all day stream)
FRI: No streaming (Day off)
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Day before yesterday, as part of my "Try to femme it up a little more" thing, I wore something a little more form fitting that what I normally do. I forgot one of the OTHER reasons I tend to wear looser clothes.

I "run hot." Unless it's super cold, like below 40 or so, I'm warm all the time. Close fitting clothes evetually picks up my body heat and makes me super warm, eventually feeling like I'm wearing a very tight fitting blanket.

Not the most comfy feeling, especially once it starts making you sweat.
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All these "Millenials are killing X" articles basically point to one problem: "Jobs are not paying them enough to use the services you want them to use."
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Thank you, Mister Speaker, for doing the right thing when no one else will - http://www.newnownext.com/joe-straus-suicide-texas-bathroom-bill/07/2017/

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