Jul. 7th, 2017

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Thoughts before bed: I sometimes wonder just how I got here. Thousands of miles away from home, living with good friends who I had no idea even existed 20 years ago.

I am far from home. But then again, maybe this is home, now. A thought I thought would never consider. Even now, it seems like such an alien thought. But we never know where we're going to end up when we start down this path. And somehow I got here.

It's not what I wanted out of life. and, while my dreams and hopes have been dashed over the years,this is not a terrible place to be.
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Updated VERY tentative streaming schedule for next week. SUPER tentative. So tentative, it's more for me to just try an stick to it, than actually stick to it.

SAT: No Streaming (movie night)
SUN: Comicking
MON: No Streaming (writing)
TUE: Comicking
WED: No Streaming (writing)
THU: Play all the Zeldas Quest II (all day stream)
FRI: No streaming (Day off)

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