Sep. 1st, 2017

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Quote of the night: "The first movie I ever asked my parents to see was Infra-Man, a Chinese Shaw Brothers Kung Fu knock off of Ultraman. If they'd said no, I'd probably be a doctor or a lawyer right now."
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Controversial opinion: STALE POPCORN IS BEST POPCORN.
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Sometimes, when I go to sleep, or get dressed or shower, I'll inadvertently rub my upper arms against my breasts. Just a function of anatomy, they're both just RIGHT THERE. Usually, it's nothing, it's just something that happens, like brushing your hand on your leg.

But sometimes, I have deep philosophical thoughts about my boobs.

Sometimes, though, I stop and think about them. I didn't think I'd ever develop breasts. But I did,. About 13 years after all the other women I knew got them. And they're there. And they're mine.

They're small and misshapen (something I hope the progesterone will fix), but they're mine. And a physical reminder of the first steps I took in my journey.

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