Sep. 23rd, 2017

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Too many bad vibes to stay asleep. Decided to watch anime.

Finished watching Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl today. It affected me a whole lot deeper than I thought it would. Not in a trans way, but a personal way.

The friendship between Hazumu and Tomari is very very close to the friendship I have with Steph. She was always more outgoing and active than I was, much like Tomari. She was even my protector and still is my conscience. I'm alive because of her. And we were and still are super close.

But, in a way, I also identified WITH Tomari. While I don't want to spoil the ending, what happens to her at the end has happened to me too many times. And her hurt, and the brave gave she puts on, it's a hurt that I've had to deal with far too much.

It's not often the writer of a fiction gets into my soul...But this one did. Very much.
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So, last night, after there was an incident at the restaurant we were planning to go to (not involving me), I got some Jack in the Box. Not the Japanese food I was expecting, but oh well.

Today I found that one of my homemade rice bowls had spoiled so I went to get some Chinese food at my favorite place only to find out it's permanently closed. I got KFC. Not what I made, or even wanted, but oh well.

I'm gonna eat SOMETHING I want in the next few days darn it!

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