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"Sir," a man cried to the Universe, "I exist!" "However," replied the Universe, "that has not created within me a sense of responsibility."
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Huh. It's been a full year and 557 episodes since I started the Play All The Zeldas Quest II streams. Wow.
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So many NPC, so little time.
Play all the Zeldas Quest II:
#playallthezeldasquest #zelda
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So. Y'all want the recipes?

Remind me tomorrow.
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Streaming Schedule for this week.
SAT, MON, THU: No streaming
SUN, TUE, FRI: Comicking
WED: Play All The Zeldas Quest II
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I really do think I've got my groove back, but given how the last ten months have gone, I'm preparing for the other shoe to drop....
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::whew:: What a day. Got Laundry done, THREE loads of dishes, made five days of food, I'm almost done cleaning my room. BUSY BUSY day.
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Things I learned today. I apparently still have orthodontic cement from my braces attached to my teeth. I haven't had braces in thirty years.
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Ever had one of those wierd dreams where you're working at a different job (in this case Southwest Airlines) but all your coworkers came with you somehow? In their same positions?
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I reach for the unreachable every day. I can never attain it. But it's important that I try.
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"You want me to volunteer isn't that it?"
"And if I don't?"
"Nothing? You mean nothing will happen to me?"
"Nothing at all! ...ever."
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Forgot how good it feels to just sit and write out a script. Screenplay style scripts are still the easiest writing format for me to work in.

Four pages into a short comic for a friend. :)
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<_< As much as I'm a Macross/Robotech fan, I still think the best looking anime design from the 80s is the Dirty Pair.
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Oh, give me a home,
Where the asteroids roam
And the quarks and the quasars do play.

Where seldom is heard,
An encouraging word,
Cause the cosmos, your body will slay.
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Mind: Alright, time to write a short comic script. We can punch this out this evening if we--
Mind: You haven't wanted to draw in months. And now that we have paying work you want--
Mind: Let's finish the script. Then draw.
Heart: But...but....
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Mayonesa > Mayonnaise > Japanese Mayonnaise > Miracle Whip > Sandwich Spread

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Dreaming that you cannot sleep is not the most restful sleep.
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I don't like thinking about 9/11. Mainly because it was a horrible thing done to the US, and the catalyst of horrible things the US has done to civil liberties and nations abroad in its name.

But it does bear remembering.

This link will take you to History Commons, a comprehensive timeline of virtually every document-able event even remotely tangentially related to 9/11. It doesn't push an agenda, doesn't push conspiracy theories, just tries to put forward a timeline based on news reports, books and articles.

It's a fascinating read, from the possibility of a fifth flight that may have been planned to be hijacked (, the Able Danger coverup ( and just general wierdness (

It can be quite a read, but there is more signal than noise, and while documentation isn't confirmation, there's a lot of data in there to read.
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Had the old Drakula's restaurant on Austin on my mind today. Thinking of finding a Romanian restaurant around here for food on Thursday or Friday....
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