Feb. 16th, 2017

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Very interesting dream last night:

I woke up, got ready for work, and decided to bike in. While biking in, I notice that this isn't Washington, but Texas. There are no treas, just brownish grasslands. I come across a turnoff to work, when I see a sign saying "Road Closed" and a detour sign pointing down the road I already am on.

I kind of muter under my breath that I'll be late, but that's when I notice how empty it is. No cars on the road, and once I come to a small town, it's completely dead. The road gets rougher past the town. I then realize that it's the first day of Daylight's Saving Time. It's not 6AM and bright and sunny - it's actually 5AM.

On the other side of the town I see a sign pointing to a turn off that says "Associates." I pull in thinking that will take me to work, but end up at a steel factory. I get back on the road.

I pull into another town, and it's completely empty again. I decide since I have an hour to spare, I might as well get some breakfast, and come to a small town 50s era diner. It's closed, with signs saying "Remember Daylight's Saving! We open at 6AM." The door is open, though, and I walk in for a look around. It's very small, with a soda bar. I leave again, and decide since I have that spare hour, I'll backtrack from the town towards the part of the road that's closed.

Eventually the road slowly morphs into a houses hallway, and that's when I realize I'm dreaming, since it's a trope in my dreams. Eventually I come to a stairway heading down, and go down it. And the farther down I go, the darker it gets. I decide to see how far down it goes, and knowing it's a dream, I literally hurl myself down. IT gets very very very dark, and the light at the top of the stairway gets very very very small.

I finally get up once I stop falling and look around. There are two open doors at this "landing" and I go into one. Inside is a one-room house, with kitchen, sleeping and living areas all in one very big room. There's a dual TV set in front of a couch, and I turn it on. One of the screens shows a western, the other reminds people of Daylight Savings. I turn them off. The outside walls are just large windows with a door, so I exit the room. Outside is a heated pool with fog coming off of it, and a outside closet. Looking inside, there are deer carcasses in there and rendering equipment. I seem to be on the ground floor outside of the apartment, so I start looking around for a way back to the road.

When I'm woken up with a nudge to my shoulder. I wake up and a man and a woman are standing next to me at the now crowded diner. "You fell asleep. You alright?" I tell them I am, and they help me up from the table and walk me outside, but not before I look at the wall menu for breakfast.

As we leave, I start looking for my bike to get to work, and they start talking to me "You really got pretty far down those stairs. You need to be careful - they're endless. Unless you want an apartment down there, you don't need to go so far down. OR you can just enter from ground level - it's easier that way." The woman puts her hand on my shoulder "Do you like what we did here? We tried to create this space as close to--"

And then Callie shocks me awake by barking up a storm outside my door.
dolari: (Rose Quartz)
I was gonna art stream today. Just don't have it in me, still.

I'm kind of in a bad place/routine. The news completely demoralizes me. But if I don't read the news, I could miss something that gravely affects my life. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I need to find a way to remain emotionally able to art, while also keeping a vigilant watch on policies that are intent on hurting me and the people around me.

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