Mar. 16th, 2017

dolari: (Rose Quartz)
I cope by driving. Driving, to me, is the ultimate relaxation technique, a way to unravel the knots in my head, de-stress from a bad day, or in this case, deal with the death of my sister.

There's a trip that's guaranteed to make me smile, and that's from San Antonio to Fredericksburg via the old highway. It takes me through some of the more picturesque portions of the southern Hill Country, through quaint towns, up and down hills, and across some sites.

As I came to Waring, I decided to do a little tresspassing and found out that one of the Schoolhouse doors wasn't locked. I went in and got some pictures, just because I'd never been in there before. And, honestly, with the bathroom bills in the State Senate, when will I be back? I took some pictures.

I also had some good ribs from the Waring General Store, just cause I'd stopped in to see how it looked since the last time I was in there (1986 or 87, I think?). Had a good talk with the pitmaster, David Knakal, who is a blast, and super friendly.

I continued up the old highway to the Fredericksburg and Northern railroad tunnel, where one of the Texas Parks and Wildlife folks talked my ear off for a good hour since everyone goes for the bats, and no one goes for the railroad (she suggested I get in touch with the Texas Parks folks to volunteer since I know as much as they do about the F&N (Thank you, Richard Zelade).

I continued into Fredericksburg, somehow missing Grapetown (I was gonna see if they had any unlocked doors at the school at the Grapetown Schuetzen Verein. If there had been a little more sun, and probably a few less ribs, I would have stopped at the Altdorf Biergarten Tess and I ate it when we last visited.

I came back driving through the Old Comfort Road. I'd hoped to hit the property before I made back to San Antonio, but there simply wasn't enough light.

It was 140 miles over eight hours, and only 17.5 MPH...but it was enough to put my mind at ease, and to finally detangle my feelings about Marisa's passing. :)

Tomorrow we as a family are heading out to Senior, TX, cause dad wants to see the town and cemetery. This is in the same county, and won't be very long, but it works and mom hasn't roadtripped in a while with us. Friday I'm hoping to see Steph.

The healing is beginning.

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