May. 29th, 2017

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I won't be going to Austin after all today, so...Jim's or Fuddruckers for lunch? Some other San Antonio speciality?
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KOLOPAK: I take it you've been accepted by the Academy? Well, you've never fully embraced the traditions of our tribe, I know that. And you've always been curious about other societies, and that is why I allowed you to read about them. Because I believe that ignorance is our greatest enemy. But to leave the tribe?
CHAKOTAY: Our tribe lives in the past. A past of fantasy and myth.
KOLOPAK: That past is a part of you, no matter how hard you try to reject it.
CHAKOTAY: Other tribes have learned to accept the twenty fourth century. Why can't ours?
KOLOPAK: It is not the place of a fifteen year old boy to question the choices of his tribe.
CHAKOTAY: I know. That's why I have to leave.
KOLOPAK: You will never belong to that other life. And if you leave, you will never belong to this one. You'll be caught between worlds.
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It's not enough that Texas politicians want to punish me for being not-straight and transgender, but also because I'm brown.

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