Mar. 17th, 2017

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Dad had been wanting to check out the Senior, TX cemetery. So we took the time to head out that way based on nothing more than a vague recollection of seeing the Senior community on a map somewhere, and a Jim's breakfast.

We eventually did find it, and the cemetery there, which was pretty old even for Texas standards (the oldest burial we found was 1875), and felt more like a patchwork of family plots. Some were old stone mausoleum style tombs, some were simply white crosses made from rebar.

It didn't feel right being in the area without also visiting Marisa. I needed to go and see the gravesite, myself. My last image of her was the coffin 12 feet down a hole. Now it's a compacted mound of sandy dirt with beautiful flowers on it. There's no headstone as of yet. It's coming soon.

From there, we headed off to find the old Tuberculosis Hospital that my uncle Martin was at back in the 50s. My parents had been looking for it for three years and I had a lead on it from my old Urban Exploration days. Those leads were very very wrong.

We ended up asking a local security guard, who pointed us in the right direction, and sure enough we found it. Mom will have pics, and the story behind them soon.

Family roadtrips were something Marisa hated. She didn't like driving around pointlessly to see what was out there. But the three of us loved them. And we needed this trip, to be together as a family for a while, and just support each other as best we could.

The rest of the day was going through Marisa's iPad, trying to figure out what she was subscribed to, and what we needed to shut down. Thankfully, she's logged into everything, and there's very few things we're going to need to shut down. I've inherited her WWE Network account. Not how I wanted to watch wrestling, but there we are.

It's been a week since she passed. And there were tears. There will be tears for a long long time. But at least there were bluebonnets.
dolari: (Rose Quartz)
Today I learned Steph is likely the strongest person I know. ::hugs::

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