Jun. 24th, 2017

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I am better. May go back to Rainier tomorrow. Depends on my waking mood.
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So, in the last month I've had people tell me my comics were incomprehensible and that they had trouble following my stories. Now is your chance to fix that.

What problems are you having, and, when comics return in July, I'll incorporate fixes to try and clear up plot lines, story elements and confusions.

Now is your chance. Let me have it.

Otherwise I shall continue being incomprehensible.
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I guess I could set up the shortwave and see what I can get today....

I do regret not playing around with it more in Texas. Just the few minutes I was showing it to dad, I picked up WAY more signals than I get here in Seattle.
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Got K6KPH from San Francisco! Most Morse Code I've ever been able to glean out of this radio: "...icisco radio kph/kfs send warm greitings to all listeneie seeshore..."

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