Jun. 26th, 2017

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Finally catching up on Dr Who.

I kind stopped watching Dr Who on vacation because the premise of the episode "Oxygen" (where oxygen is sold at premium) just rings too close to home as something I could see happening in America.
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"That was the Pope. BILL THAT WAS THE POPE."
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Found more copies of the American Free Press at the convenience store down the street.

I've asked them to remove them, or I will stop shopping there.

Strike 1 of 3.
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HA! ALPHA CENTAURI! That was awesome. :D
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Well, no one piped up about the comics. I will continue to be incomprehensible.
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"Don't feel bad. There are cis-women who can't live up to the standards of beauty the media puts out!"
"I'm not trying to live up to the standards of beauty from the media. I'm trying to live up to the standards of beauty of YOU waking up in the morning."

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