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I often get flak for buying boxes of MREs, but I really do use them more for emergency preparedness and roadtrips. Sometime when I forget my lunch.

The current batch is getting to its five year mark, which means it's time to start eating them before they expire. Usually I spend about $140 for twenty four packs (which breaks down to seventy two Jenn meals).

I don't like buying civilian MREs though, because each time I've done it, I've gotten really bad results (twelve of the same meal, odd freeze dried packs, cafeteria sized trays).

Three is one brand I saw that seems to be pretty good. But it's very expensive. About $120 for twelve meals. They're the same packs you get in military MREs, but more well balanced in what they have (every meal has a dessert, more variety of breakfast/veggie options). But half the actual meals.

But there's also how long they last. Each lasts about five years. But by the time I get them, there already two years old, giving me three years of storage. If I buy the more expensive packd it's half the meals...But double the storage time (I get them on year "zero").

I suck at money issues...should I get the army MREs (half the time, double the meals) or the civilian ones (double the time, half the meals?)

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