Sep. 10th, 2017

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I really needed to work on a script today...but I'm so exhausted....

The last ten months have been the roughest in my life, but things are finally calming down. I was hoping that I would recover from the continuous nightmare, but instead, I think my body is kind of just allowing the stress to finally "hit" it.

Either way, it's messed my stomach up, my weight and blood sugar have suffered, I'm feeling exhausted all the time. I think I just need a REALLY REALLY REALLY long lie down.

If I could manage to afford a week off, I'd take it.
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Okay SDF Macross superfans, I have a question:

I was reading today that Minmay ran off with Hikaru and Misa on the Megaroad 01. But when I watch Macross Flashback 2012, we see Minmay in a white suit on the Megaroad 01 as it takes well as a Minmay in a pinstriped suit on Earth watching it take off (as well as hanging around the arena she performed in AFTER the Megaroad takes off).

I've always "read" that as Minmay actually staying behind on Earth to live an anonymous life while some kind of hologram was on the ship during takeoff so people on Earth thought she DID go into space.

Anyone know the real story? I may be a Robotech expert, but beyond the original Macross series, I don't know a lot of the Japanese backstory .

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